What is an Urban Food Lab?

It is where all the fun stuff happens!! We have created an environment where your child will get to immerse themselves in new flavors, cultures and develop skills that will last a life time. During our boutique classes your chefs will learn to use an array of kitchen equipment and create healthy menus from scratch.

All of our dishes will be 'plant centric', which means we will never be using meat or fish, however we will still be incorporating some dairy and eggs into our menus where necessary. Our aim is to show children (and parents) that eating a healthy plant based menu can not only be delicious, but also fun to prepare, and be packed full of protein and nutrients. Don't believe us - Wait until you have tried our awesome shroom' ravioli, veggies pot stickers and bean & guac' quesadilla to name a few. There's no carrot and celery sticks featuring here!!! 

Our classes are curated for ages 2-teen and always capped at 12 chefs and will feature 2 instructors. By focusing on small class sizes we are able to maximize the hands on time with each one of our students. Chefs will be encouraged to taste the food and we will all sit down as a class to enjoy the fruits of our labor during the conclusion. All of our classes take place within our brand new Park Slope location, which is conveniently located for the F, G and R trains. 

Alright, sounds cool. How do I try it out?

That's awesome, we can't wait to see you! We run a number of classes for each age group each day and our full schedule can be found here. Feel free to book an individual class, or try a week semester.