Q: What is a plant based diet?

A:  Technically speaking a plant based diet is focused on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, but with few or no animal products.  At The Plant Factory we are focused on being as plant forward as possible, but we will include eggs, and dairy in some of our recipes.


Q: My child does not follow a plant based diet, can they still attend a class?

A: Absolutely! We can’t think of a better way to introduce new veggies, grains and fruits to your family.  Plus, when children help in the preparation and cooking of recipes, they are more likely to try new foods.  We are confident even the most picky of eaters will love our recipes and we may just help them find their favorite new food!  


Q: What types of recipes will my kids be cooking?

A:  We like to focus on seasonal veggies and fruits, so recipes and classes are always different.  Your children will enjoy mastering menus that include handmade mushroom ravioli, Korean inspired bbq tacos and chickpea masala to name a few. But we don’t like to leave out the classics – like our roasted veg pizza, cauliflower bbq ‘wings’ and divine chocolate chip cookies.


Q: How experienced does my child need to be to join the class?

A:  No experience is necessary unless noted in the class description.  We keep our classes small so we can provide the right attention to all levels of our chefs. 


Q: What type of classes do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of classes such as after school, summer camps, weekends and private parties. Check our schedule (launching soon) for full class timetables and prices.


Q: What age groups does The Plant Factory cater to?

A:  We have four age groups

Pint Size Plant Slayers (age 2-4)

Curious Plant Slayers  (age 5-7)

Growing Plant Slayers (age 8-11)

Master Plant Slayers (age 12-15)

Q: How many children/young adults will be in a class?

A:  For our pint size plant slayers (age 2-4), it will be around 8 to a class. For the curious, growing and master plant slayers it will be 8-10 in a class.


Q: Do you host any events for adults?

A:  We would love to introduce more adults to plant based cooking, so yes we will be hosting adhoc events for adults.  This will be held in the evenings, and are BYOB.


Q: Are you using child friendly cutlery?

A:  Yes, all our cutlery is child friendly and age specific.


 Q: Why focus on cooking with education?

A: Cooking is a hands on engaging activity for children that helps promote language, cognitive and physical development. With our co-founder Donna’s extensive educational experiences, we will be introducing Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Literacy into each of our cooking classes. Our food lab provides an immersive experience for your child to learn.


Q: We want to help with your cause for foster care children. Can we?

A:  This is music to our ears! We plan on holding free cooking sessions where all donations will go to Brooklyn based foster care agencies.