The benefits of introducing children to cooking

Plant Factory was born with a mission to bring fun and education into vegetable forward cooking.  We are passionate about plant centric cooking, and the benefits of having children become more comfortable and adventurous with vegetables. 

Whether your children just mastered walking or are a teen, there are good reasons to get your children involved with cooking.

Helps Build New Life Long Skills

  • Getting children involved with cooking helps to build their self-confidence.  In making recipes, we all make mistakes and that’s part of the process of cooking.  At Plant Factory, we are here to support your young chefs as they conquer each task in the kitchen.  We will be helping to promote their self-confidence and showing them their contribution to the meal.  Also, when you cook together in a class setting children learn how working together as a team is important as the end result is always greater.   
  • It is a great way to teach children academic skills such as reading, science, and math.  Also, when you spend time in the kitchen as a group it encourages conversation, interaction, and communication among the children and instructors.   
  • Cooking helps your young chefs develop a source of pride. Children can see the raw ingredients for a meal and their impact on the end result.  It is a hands-on exercise that teaches children how to care for themselves and eventually how to help nourish their loved ones.

Try New Tastes, Flavors, and Ingredients

  • Children who spend the time cooking are more inclined to taste new foods, and develop interests in foods they would not otherwise have tried.  And sometimes they will find a new love for a food and sometimes not!  This will continue to help them build an openness to trying new things, both in and outside the kitchen. At the Plant Factory, we want to expose your children to as many new tastes and flavors as possible, knowing that some will be a hit and others won’t.  And that is okay! All that is important is trying and tasting new ingredients, even if it’s a small bite!
  • When you teach children to cook it provides them with a foundation to help contribute to meals at home and for themselves as they grow older.  As we all look to stay healthy, one of the best ways is by cooking at home and understanding the ingredients you use to make your meal.  At Plant Factory, we will be discussing the benefits of all the fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains that we use in our dishes with our young chefs.  For example, we will help children learn about how lycopene gives tomatoes its color and it’s what helps boost your immune system.  

We can’t wait to cook with the young chefs of Brooklyn! 

Plant Factory

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.  Life is so endlessly delicious” – Ruth Reichl


Plant Factory is a Kids Cooking Class based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.